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LCG is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist. Their work explores the intersection of mind, body, and spirit through disciplined physical practice, in order to visually represent direct and abstract experience. Shaped by queerness and growing up with severe behavioral disorders, they intentionally weave drawing, writing, and performance to communicate a human experience that is both shaped by and entirely separate from identity groups. They have shown work at music venues, nightclubs, DIY spaces, and galleries. In 2016, they curated their first show, Things Are Like This, with site specific installations by eight artists. In 2022, they had an essay about Contact Improvisation and the body published in Stillpoint Magazine’s February Supporter’s Issue. Also in 2022, they co-curated their second exhibition, Draw Showing, at {\}() {\}@+!(){\} Art Lab which featured work from over sixty artists, including video programming via Colombia by artists from around the world.


artist statement

My work is about having a body, the substance by which I know my experience. I am interested in the realness of that physicality which comes to me only through what I can perceive with my senses. By making the body the focal point, I find that I have a concrete outlet to explore what for me is an essential and unignorable question: What is the nature of this human experience that I am having?

I attribute the importance of this question to having grown up with severe behavioral disorders that affected my ability to function in a socially acceptable manner. I was put in cognitive behavioral therapy around five years old and was therefore made accustomed to interrogating my own actions and behavioral pathways from a young age. Engaging with myself in this way is deeply ingrained, and over time has become an essential focal point for my art work.

Physical practice allows me to engage with this questioning in a corporeal way. Disciplined training in the martial art of Aikido, meditation, and supplemental practices like Contact Improvisation give me both a physical and mental vocabulary with which to discuss these concepts. Aikido literally means a way to harmonize energy, and is built around a mind-body-spirit practice that allows the student to cultivate both their physical capacities as well as their own spiritual nature. By engaging with these different perceptual modes, my work aims to visually explore how the mind-body-spirit cohabitates to produce what are perceived as both physical and non-physical effects.

Some of this work comes from demystifying the mechanical processes of the body and nature. I engage in supplemental research about the perceptual systems of the body, mirror neurons, and the ubiquity of the spiral as a functional form. I believe that engaging with and decoding biological processes allows for greater understanding of the human condition, especially when contrasted with headier theory. Physical research and practice gives the theory a chance to come through the body directly, allowing me to explore my unique relationship with widely accepted concepts. In this work, what I know dialogues with what I feel.

I work in three primary mediums which are drawing, installation and performance. For my drawing work, I use graphite and colored pencil to explore physical space, to communicate forces acting upon the body, and to translate my mental/perceptual awareness visually. My performance and installation work expands on these concepts in order to engage the body and awareness of the viewer; to traverse the line between a visual experience and a full body one. This gives the performance a social aspect that is of great interest to me, as this was an area I struggled in for the first twenty years of my life. By holding a space or creating a container, I am able to explore the reflexive nature of knowing myself through interacting with others and how this changes both of us.

I acknowledge this work is exploratory in nature and involves a constant engagement with the present and what I can experience now in the context of the past and future. My arts practice is a life practice, in which my research and what I make is a direct reflection of what I am currently engaging in. My passion for this process reflects my own sincerity and commitment in fully embracing the experience of my life, which has often been characterized by neurodivergency and queerness. By inhabiting my integrity fully, I explore the actualization of the body through the dialogue of identity and experience.


Born 1993 - Seattle, Washington USA

Lives and works in Chicago, Illinois USA


2016 BA/BAVCS, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Merit scholarship (2011-2016), award acknowledging excellence of thesis


2024 Tappers and Tapestries, Fulton Street Collective, Chicago, Illinois

2023 Art/e Acción, {\}() {\}@+!(){\} Art Lab, Chicago, Illinois

          Mima 1 performance, {\}() {\}@+!(){\} Art Lab, Chicago, Illinois

2022 Draw Showing (artist & co-curator), {\}() {\}@+!(){\} Art Lab, Chicago, Illinois

          Scratch Night, part of Physical Festival at the Den Theater, Chicago, Illinois

          Radiant Arboreal Doors of RePerception, {\}() {\}@+!(){\} Art Lab, Chicago, Illinois

2019 Tonic Room, Chicago, Illinois

          Lilly’s, Chicago, Illinois

2018 Schubas, Chicago, Illinois


2023 Self-directed Residency with Anna Matuszewski, Seattle, Washington (Spring and Fall)

2022 Contact Improvisation 50 Winter Term Residency, Oberlin, Ohio

          Poor Farm - Living within the Play, Little Wolf, Wisconsin


Ms. Bri Williams, Mr. Justin Chance, Mr. Adam Rose, Ms. Mariana Rockwell, Ms. Kisira Hill, {\}() {\}@+!(){\} Art Lab, among others


2022 dis/embodied, Stillpoint Magazine, SUPPORTERS ISSUE 4

2018 LCG Plays Thyself, Bandcamp


2024 Something we touch or that touches us, CI50 Essay Anthology

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